We help clients define, clarify, identify, secure and retain talent.

Working on a project basis, we spend time understanding the background to the search brief, often co-creating it with our client and quickly becoming part of the team. We particularly enjoy working towards hiring for a “tricky” role – where targets aren’t obvious, the offering not immediately attractive or where a creative way of thinking is needed to move forward.

Truly client driven, we ensure that we are conflict-free and will never accept multiple searches in the same area from more than one client. We maintain an honorable and respectful off-limits policy. At instruction, we will want to understand the need for the role and it’s situation and meet as many relevant people within the client organisation as possible to ensure a good fit. It goes without saying that we may have access to sensitive information about our client in order to execute the project that demands that we place them “off limits” within agreed confines. Our Conflicts & Ethics Policy is important to us and we stand by it.

Our methodology is tailored each time. Generally a global mapping exercise is carried out, reporting back and making recommendations for next steps which will include honing the offering and how it will be presented at it’s best. After identification supported by our specialist research function and wide network systematic, a sensitive and targeted approach phase is principal-lead. Trust building and influencing are core skills which ensure that at each stage the client has the best chance of securing the ideal candidate or team and that individuals can be confident that the best outcome is being worked towards. While we hope time frames are short, determination and honoring the brief are a given and we don’t give up. We believe that remuneration negotiation and resignation coaching are crucial to a smooth hire, and remain involved well after other search professionals will have walked away, offering a de facto “in role coaching” as part of the service.