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We were asked to undertake a review of resources of this leading training business and provide a global overview of opinion about operations and direction. Given full access to stake holders we undertook detailed face to face and telephone interviews and quickly began to understand key themes around communication, value transfer and engagement. This lead to progress being made on decisions to hire at the right level and on a realistic brief.


A large national law firm with a strong brand in key sectors was considering entering the merger market. We were engaged to provide a market over view of the legal market in particular locations and crucially our recommendations for how to proceed. After serious consideration and a number of discussions, the decision was taken to follow a specialism route and focus on excellence and operational efficiency rather than bulk. Subsequently, profitability has increased by several multiples while headcount has in fact decreased. A watching brief is maintained for possible business acquisitions but this is not core strategy.


A professional services consultancy had already undertaken an abortive search for leadership succession. They were unclear why they had had not secured a hire, nor were they able to express exactly what they needed (or rather, different stakeholders had different views!). With an understanding that a new search might be necessary we were engaged to investigate exactly what had gone “wrong” and make recommendations for the way forward. In fact, we did recommend, after discussions with stakeholders and examination of the current business and it’s context, that a new search be undertaken. However, it was clear that the personal specification that had been agreed previously was far from what was needed to take the business to the next stage. We worked with the business to identify exactly what skills and experience was really lacking. As a separate project, we subsequently closed the search successfully with profits up already in Y2 of hire.


As part of our search offering we regularly work with lawyers and individuals working with lawyers in business services to identify potential roles and next moves.

For example, a mid ranking real estate associate, having trained and qualified with his City firm felt the time was right to consider a move to expand his experience. A huge number of roles would be open to him – but we needed to identify and access those that could give him what he needed.

After a round of targeted interviews, all of where he felt were appropriate, he sat on three offers. After some careful coaching to help him choose, knew he had made the right choice based on real information and not just Roll on Friday…

Similarly, a planning partner with particular client connections needed to carefully explore the market without arousing too much interest. A careful, discreet series of client base-led introductions were followed by a set of swift negotiations and a successful outcome.

Whether retained to search for you, or asked by you to help, the most important thing is that the hire is right. We pride ourselves on integrity and thoroughness in a market we know well.