Coaching Case Study


A CEO valued her CFO highly, but found his interaction with other SMT members and stakeholders challenging and frustrating. It was threatening relationships and stability of the organisation. She asked me to work with him over a period of months to look together at his complex communication issues and identify strategies to help. Bringing in a variety of tools to help him conceptualise personality types and give him a practical methodology for day to day working, we noticed real change and improved self awareness.

Career change

A recently qualified lawyer sought a radical shift from in-house commercial work to private practice litigation. No mean feat. We worked together to build a plan to move her across, and coached through transferable skills, relevant experience, how to work with recruiters, building relationships, interview preparation and follow up. She subsequently joined a leading litigation practice and has received outstanding reviews and client plaudits, being seen as highly effective and commercial. She’s now best placed to kick start her career in the direction she really wants.

A senior lawyer who feared she was “aged out” of the job market – for however fair recruitment processes are, the potential for age discrimination remains live. We refocused on the positives of experience and addressed head on and dealt with potential concerns. With a sustained job search worked on together, she found new recruiter relationships more fruitful, networking with peers and contacts highly productive and invigorating and found a new position which allowed her to play to all her strengths.


As part of a magic circle diversity programme,I worked with several female partners and senior lawyers to plan achieve their promotion and maintain their career with the firm. In several cases, they wished to consider the impact they could have on gender diversity for those that come after.


Working with a newly promoted department head of a large international firm to address leadership challenges in the first 90 days in an environment where he perceived a number of his reports as his “seniors”. Balancing leadership with humility, perception with reality and unpicking a few particular relationships, he remains a successful and respected head.

Social Enterprise

A team coach for a social enterprise transition programme, enabling professionals in a variety of disciplines re-direct their career towards social enterprise initiatives. One individual in particular used her coaching throughout the year to mellow her expectations of others and improve relationships, getting more out of them. She said “the coaching sessions have honestly been my highlight of the year and I’ve taken so much from them. They’ve absolutely got me to where I am. Thanks for your support, patience and insight!”.

Women Returners

Recently returned from maternity leave, a career lawyer mum found herself questioning everything. During our work together an opportunity to take redundancy from the organisation presented itself and we spent several weeks considering whether she was ready to take the plunge into alternative careers. She did, and after some time juggling several short term opportunities, she launched into a new life as a skills trainer for the profession, and hasn’t looked back.