We thrive on delivering projects which will positively impact our client's future. Primarily through resourcing, coaching and consultancy, we invest time and attention, often to hear what’s not being said, and are curious. With a high degree of cultural intelligence we know that what's really needed may take some care to discover and that one size does not fit all.


From securing bet‐the‐company leaders to technical experts; resourcing and talent consultancy to performance coaching. We want to work with you to make your organisation work better.


We've grown up within the legal profession and anticipate the next phase in it’s evolution with excitement. While our roots and many of our assignments involve senior technical legal staff in practice and in house, our tendriles spread where lawyers have been or should be going and beyond.


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  • Penny provides a bespoke and refreshingly straightforward service that as an HR director operating in a world of too much choice I have come to value greatly. I implicitly trust her judgement in respect of candidate choices and the various options that she invariably offers in her quest to always do the best she can for her clients.

    ― HRD, International firm
  • She works extremely hard to get to know her clients and to understand what makes them tick and where she can add value. She is personable and attentive, follows up when she says she will and always provides honest, detailed and insightful feedback. I recommend her highly.

    ― Head of HR, City firm
  • I think you are superb at what you do.

    ― Partner, professional services ABS
  • Penny is a true professional and will tell you how it is. She is a pleasure to work with and has a refreshing and open approach which helps you get to the right decision. Not only that but she is good company and full of integrity.

    ― HRD ex global firm, now national
  • Penny loves a challenge and is adept at using her considerable knowledge of the legal marketplace to source those impossible positions that require a thoughtful," out of the box" approach.

    ― HRD Large City firm
  • Penny has been a great help to us with our launch. She has really got under the skin of what we are trying to do and has helped us make recruitment decisions to put that plan into action. She has been insightful and honest and not self-serving. Its felt like she was part of the team rather than an outsider looking in. She has given us insight into candidates too - and in our case her intuition has almost always been right. I don't recommend many people but Penny's work has been outstanding.

    ― Founding Partner, ABS
  • Penny is great to work with. She keeps her clients and her candidates fully engaged with the process. She understands the Professional Services sector extremely well and doesn't waste peoples' time. Penny is a very good recruiter but she has developed into much more than that in the Talent Management field

    ― Global HRD
  • I have known and worked with Penny over several years and she always proves to be an excellent sounding board, coach and consummate professional. She has an excellent knowledge of the legal market and has that rare ability to look beyond just placing someone in a role - she thinks about the individual and what is best for them. Penny has an innovative approach to her work and a great company.

    ― General Counsel
  • She sees round corners.

    ― MD Professional Services



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Penny Terndrup
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Phone: 0203 418 8010

Central Court, 25 Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1AL